Update (It’s Been Alittle Bit)

I catch myself having a hard time keeping up with social media but i have been working on my next single entitled, “The Man At Sea” its one of the soft rock songs of the album. It’s about to be done i just gotta finish and be satisfied with the mix then send it to … [Read more…]

New Second Youtube Channel

So I’ve created a second youtube channel called “(T)hat (R)andom (B)lack (K)id”. I’m going to be posting behind the scene videos about my music. I’m also going to be talking about current events, ill do some covers and have some of my own material on there. So basically a little of everything. Ill be posting … [Read more…]

Stay tuned

so I have been working on wouldn’t care among many other things and the good news is it will be coming soon just need to finish the artwork work. this one is intense! The wait is worth it!  😉 Your musician, O’shea Sanders

Wouldn’t Care Update

So I’ve hit the studio last weekend and recorded the vocals and some bass on the song. The song sounds amazing already it’s not properly mixed and everything including the vocals is pretty raw but it always feels good to hear it that way and still see the potential of what it’s going to be … [Read more…]